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A couple of years back we rescued a blind pit bull that was left abandoned on a park bench. Poly's story went viral very quickly. We created a Facebook page for her where she posted regularly about her life with her new rescue family and her struggles with a terminal heart condition. Unfortunately her broken heart took her from us after just a few months - but the rescue volunteers and all of her friends and followers keep her memory alive and continue her legacy by rescuing street dogs on a regular basis. Hundreds of dogs owe their very lives to Poly and her memory.

This shop was put together by a 25-year veteran of the rescue community in the Los Angeles area... who also happens

to be a Graphic Designer. Proceeds from this shop benefit - a program of Foreverhome Pet Rescue, Inc. We are an ALL-VOLUNTEER nonprofit pet rescue organization... so every penny goes towards the care of the animals we help rescue, rehabilitate and rehome! We also offer at-cost purchasing for rescue volunteers...


We are currently working on launching a line of high quality pet CBD products including CBD oil, pet shampoo and topicals. Each sale will benefit a local nonprofit rescue organization - and not just a little. EVERY DIME of the profit above the base cost of each bottle will go directly to participating rescues.

Stay tuned!

coming soon!



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